Scientific Event on Chemistry, Health and Beauty at Al-Sham Private University - Faculty of Pharmacy

Under the title of chemistry, health and beauty, ASPU Faculty of Pharmacy held a scientific debate on the occasion of the Arab Chemistry Week . The event was run in cooperation with Neogino company  for cosmetics and medical products, in the presence of ASPU president  Dr. Yasser Houriya, deans of faculties  and specialized professors.

The event included several scientific lectures that focused on the role of pharmaceutical chemistry in cosmetics, health and anti-aging.

Dr. Houriya welcomed the participants in this practical event, stressing ASPU strive to keep pace with the various scientific developments, and support for scientific research in various fields.

He  stressed the importance of pharmaceutical chemistry and its role in other biological sciences, considering that this science is in itself an elixir of life.

Dr. Fayza Kebili, Dean of the Faculty of Pharmacy, talked about  the relationship of chemistry to cosmetics historically, providing examples of history of cosmetics based on chemistry and had achieved great success in the performance of the cosmetic function.

Dr. Fayez Daghlawi  noted  in his lecture entitled Botox and facial aesthetic the various uses of Botox in the facelift and in enriching health and beauty.

On the role of chemistry for a better understanding of youth and health, Dr. Mohammed Hassan al-Samman, pointed out the extent of the development of this science while  Dr. Mohammed Basil Hussein noted new progresses in the  world of cosmetics, exhibiting models of new techniques used in this area around the world.

Dr. Rajwa Jubaili spoke about the general legislation for cosmetics, and Dr. Hala Nidal Afif representative Neogino  SPOKE on aging and collagen preparations.

Concluding  the event, ASPU and Neugino presented certificates of honor to the participants for their scientific effectiveness,  in recognition of their efforts.