An introductory Lecture About the International Collegiate Programming Contest

ASPU  held an introductory lecture on the International Collegiate Programming Contest ICPC. The lecture introduced students  to the stages of the competition’s progress, the training mechanism, its importance and ways to benefit from it in the future job market.

Trainer  Anas Constantine spoke of his experience in participating in the world competition and about the benefit he achieved by participating in his life and study.

At the end of the lecture, he  answered the students ’inquiries from various years in preparation for starting training during the next week to participate in the competition.

The competition is considered as an Olympiad for programming competitions and it is the oldest, largest and most sophisticated programming competition in the world and it is a multi-level competition. Teams compete at the level of their university, and the winning teams compete at the level of their country, then the winner among  them competes at the level of their region and then at the world level.