ASPU Starts First Training Course on “Contracts System”

ASPU Starts First Training Course on “Contracts System”


ASPU has started a series of training courses with a lecture by Director of Financial Affairs at the University Ms. Enas Zarzour, entitled “Contract System at ASPU “at the university's headquarters in Baramkeh.

Ms. Zarzour presented several axes about contracts systems and types, purchase requests and how to receive them, noting several points on tenders and consensual contracts, , requests for bids and direct purchase.

In his intervention, ASPU President Dr. Yasser Hourieh spoke about the importance of this session in educating ASPU employees about financial matters and the university enforced contract systems, stressing that administrative work needs organized mind and that mastery of work is essential for the advancement of the university.

Dr. Issa Makhoul noted justifications for rejecting any offer or tender, that must be based on sound logic and careful study.