ASPU participates in the International Conference on Common Foreign and Security Policy of the European Union, the Middle East, and Iran

  ASPU  deputy dean of the faculty of International Relations and Diplomacy Dr. Hussein Moqalled, has  participated in the International Conference on the Common Foreign and Security Policy of the European Union, the Middle East and Iran, in  a work paper on behalf of ASPU entitled the foreign policy of the European Union and the United States of America regarding the Iranian nuclear file.

The work paper focused on the foreign policies adopted by the  European Union and the USA  concerning  the Iranian nuclear file, especially after the signing of the Iranian nuclear agreement in 2015.

Moqalled  noted the great controversy  emerged concerning the feasibility and importance of the agreement, while the USA believed that the agreement would allow Iran to develop nuclear military capabilities, and that  would lead to regional imbalance of power and instability, adding that  the European Union considered the agreement was the best tool and means to deal with the possibility of Iran obtaining nuclear weapons. .

He considered that the  US foreign policy relied on the new offensive realist theory through its focus on power, threat, diplomacy, economic sanctions and withdrawal from the nuclear deal in 2018, in contrast, the European Union relied on the new defensive realist theory  which embarks on  the need  of maintaining diplomacy and economic and scientific cooperation with Iran.