ASPU President Meets with Staff 0n Preparations for the First Semester Midterm Exam

ASPU President Dr. Sharif Al-Ashkar held a meeting to discuss preparations for the midterm exam for the first semester. It was attended by  ASPU  deans of faculties , directors, and  staff members .

 Dr. Al-Ashkar thanked former ASPU President  Dr. Yasser Hourieh for the efforts he made during his presidency, which were effectively reflected on its performance and prestigious reputation that made it a choice for students for their higher academic studies.

He  stressed the importance of the exams  integrity, pointing out the need that exams should be  sound, accurate and optimally controlled by organizing the process of putting questions and distributing students to the halls in a way that maintains spatial spacing.

 He pointed out that the integrity of the examination process requires concerted efforts of observers, hall heads and deans to arrive at a correct evaluation of the students while organizing the issue of cheating control so as to be  integrated and precise.