Distinguished titles in Clinical and Cosmetic Dentistry in Lattakia Faculties Graduation Projects

Under the patronage of ASPU President Dr. Sharif Al-Ashkar, and under the supervision of the Director of Lattakia Faculties, Dr. Hammoud Ghazal, and in the presence of the Dean of the Faculty of Dentistry in Lattakia Faculties, Dr. Bassam Salman, several graduation projects for students of the faculty of Dentistry were discussed, under different titles in clinical and cosmetic dentistry.

Student Nour Bash Buyuk discussed a graduation project entitled Fluoride in Dentistry, and  student Bushra Al-Najjar chose the title for her project, non-rust steel crowns for  children, while student Muhammad Jamil Nahleh project was under the title "Bad Oral Habits in Children."


More  projects were  by student , Muhammad Mustafa Berri, under the title “ orthodontic treatments with transparent orthodontic “,student Saeed Qudsi, under the title “ timing of orthodontic treatment for children with bad oral habits,” student Muhammad Hamidan, under the title “ cosmetic tooth “ and student  Zaid Al-Saltt  project under the title “ Zircon in dentistry.”


Student Ilham Abdullah discussed a project entitled “Crowns inserted into the endodontic chamber”, student Ali Ihsan chose a project entitled “Zirconia as an alternative material to titanium in dental implants”,  while students Alaa Muhammad Ali Ra’i and Abdul Rahman Qawwaf discussed a project entitled “Zirconia compared to IPSE Moux ceramic”.


The discussion sessions  were concluded with a project by  two students Raghad Zuhair Laika and Sally Nadim Al-Haj under the title "A comparison of several  direct and indirect hard lining materials."


During the discussions, the students talked about the most important themes they  have included in the content of their projects with a clear presentation in which they dealt with the topic of the graduation project in all its aspects in a scientific and research manner . They concluded their projects  with most important recent  and most  research related references and answered questions put by the jury in a scientific and academic manner.