ASPU Team wins 7th Position of the World Robot Olympiad 2019 National Competition

ASPU  team, including students Ahmed Abu Khamis, Ahmad Laham, and Yaman Jamal, ranked 7th in the national competition of the World Robot Olympiad 2019 of  the higher regular category out of 20 teams from different universities, associations and clubs in Syria.

The University team, Ro.Beats, identified as RS03, took part in the higher regular category Senior High in the three-day competition, held on August 22 to 24.

The World Robot Olympiad is a global competition among more than 70 countries hosted each year by a different country. The host country puts needs  required for each competition and each age group differently and includes more than one competition. Each team is consisted  of three members  competing at the national level.

The first position in each category is qualified to participate in the global competition, which is a task of 2 minutes. Each team is required to solve the task and is given points on each part of the robot executed and the competition is based on the total points and the time.

The competition includes three categories: primary, intermediate and high.