ASPU Teachers Union Unit Founding Electoral Conference

The founding electoral conference of ASPU Teachers Union Unit was held under the title:

"With education, awareness and knowledge, we fortify our children and build the nation".

The ceremony held for that purpose was attended by ASPU president Dr. Sharif Al-Ashkar, Dr. Sedika Tarabieh, member of the Teachers Union Council - Head of the Office of Higher Education, Dr. Muhammad Salih Al-Ayoubi, Head of the union’s branch -office Suha Al-Sarmani, Member of the union’s branch -Office at Damascus University - Head of the Organization Office, and Deans of faculties and their deputies and university staff.

The celebration began with a minute of silence in honor of the founding leader Hafez al-Assad and the Syrian Arab anthem.

Dr. al-Ashkar spoke about the union in general and about the benefits of creating this unit, the most important of which is that representation in university councils is by university employees, and that these meetings are but a means to now about the problems of university employees directly.

Dr. Tarabieh gave a detailed explanation of the union in general and the advantages it provides to its members and their families.

Likewise, Dr. Al-Ayoubi talked about the university union branch and its goals, noting that establishing this unit is for the benefit for all, especially the university working staff.

Then, the union elections were held, and the winners were Ruqayyah Al-Nasuri, Wael Khadro Hisham Daher, Jaber Muhammad, Lillian Ibrahim, and Manwa Idris.