ASPU Seminar:  Drugs and their Dangers on Society

Under the auspices of ASPU president Dr. Sharif Al-Ashkar, and the presence of several deans of faculties at the university, the faculty of human medicine has organized a scientific seminar on “drugs and their dangers on society”.

During the seminar Dr. Youssef Latifa and Dr. Rajwa Al-Jubaili have discussed the symptoms and treatment of this scourge, as well as the different types of drugs and their impact on the person addicted to them.

For his part. Dr. Issa Makhoul noted legal provisions for drug addicts and trafficking in them and their penalties, according to the Syrian law, which may reach the death penalty.

In her turn, Dr. Ghina Najati spoke about the psychological life of addicts and its great dangers to the individual and society.